Monday, January 28, 2013

The Lensbaby Project: January 2013

   I've apparently been neglecting my blog.  Wow, has it really been since August that I posted here?  Time flies when you're having fun and spending too much time on Facebook I guess :)  I have started my 5th semester trying to slowly work my way through an Associates Degree at ACC for Photography.  It's a fantastic program and is considered to be one of the best.  During the Fall 2012 semester I took an Expressive Photography class taught by Nine Francois.  

   Almost immediately I knew I wanted to focus on using my Lensbaby 2.0 for my class assignments and final projects.  However, shortly after I started my project I realized I needed a little more control than bending the lens on the fly to get the shot.  So I went down to Precision Camera and purchased the Lensbaby Composer Pro w/  Double Glass Optic that was bundled with the Optic Kit.  I immediately fell in love with the dreamy, ethereal images I got from the Plastic Optic.

   I have used the Plastic Optic almost exclusively.  Not only do I love the softness of the images, but I love the flare and chromatic aberration it is prone to, as well. The following 5 images were taken during my Expressive class.  All but the Dream Jar (bottom left image) were taken with the Composer Pro and Plastic Optic. The Dream Jar was shot with the Lensbaby 2.0 right before I purchased the Composer Pro.


After the semester ended I became a little more active on the Clickin Moms forums and when the idea of The Lensbaby project was brought up I jumped at the chance to participate.  My Lensbaby has become my walk-around lens and I still almost always use the Plastic Optic.  I like to use it in all environments.  In doors, with studio lights, outside, at  night, in the rain, etc.  It is a fun little lens that allows you to be more creative.  Many of my 2013 Project 365 images have been shot with the Lensbaby Composer Pro w/ Plastic Optic.  I carried it with me when I went to Atlanta for Imaging USA.  

   The following images have been shot since January 1 2013.  Around the time I joined The Lensbaby Project.  Most can also be found in my Project 365.  I had big intentions to get a few more outdoors shots for this blog post, but I fell my 2nd night back from Atlanta and sprained my ankle.  I haven't felt much like wandering around on my crutches.

  The first 2 of the colorful Nandina with water drops were done with the Composer Pro with Macro Kit. The next 2 were in Atlanta.  Composer Pro w/ Plastic Optic.  I love the way the white dress flows into the tulle to make her look like she's standing in a cloud.

Architectural details around the Omni at CNN Center in Atlanta.
I am looking forward to next month's circle.  I'm enrolled in a location portraiture class and I'll be ocusing on using OCF.  I've ordered the Edge 80 Optic and am going to begin using the Lensbaby in more of my portrait work.  It's going to drive my instructor NUTS :)