Sunday, July 5, 2009

And the winners are....

Thanks everyone for your comments and congrats on my 100th blog post. I've plugged the 33 of ya'll into the randomizer from and the #6 and #11 are the lucky scrappers.

So congrats to patchas and kristan!

Now how do I get you the coupon codes? Well Patchas anyway, I think I know where to find Kristan! I'll go post a message on your blogs on how to get your prize.


patchas said...

Wow, I WON! Thank you so much. I got the message on my blog and tried to email you, but the email keeps coming back to me. So, you can reach me at patchas123 at hotmail dot com. Thank you, thank you. This kit will be perfect for the pix I took at our annual family 4th of July BBQ!!

Kristan said...

Woohoo! Pretty awesome!! Thanks Val :) This is such a great kit and sure to come in handy! I wasn't trying to win or anything either haha.